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Ključne stvari, ki jih potrebuje začetnik sobodajalec za uspešno poslovanje

Key things a first-time accommodation provider needs to run a successful business

Have you decided to start your own business as a vacation rental provider and rent out apartments? It’s a great opportunity to create a stable and profitable business, but it’s crucial to prepare well to ensure you can provide a superior guest experience and successfully face the challenges you will encounter. In this blog, we’ll highlight the five key things you absolutely need as a first-time host to run a successful business.

1. Vacation rental advisor: Getting the right knowledge

When you are venturing into the world of vacation rental business, it is important to have an expert on your side to help you understand the regulatory procedures and obtain all the necessary documentation. A vacation rental advisor will be able to give you valuable advice on legal requirements, taxes, insurance and other key aspects of your business. This will help you avoid any confusion or problems that could jeopardise your business.

2. Professional photographer: visual presentation of your accommodation

In the world of online bookings, attractive and high-quality photographs are crucial. To successfully advertise your accommodation, you need professional photographs that show your apartment in the best light. Investing in a professional photographer will pay you back many times over by attracting more guests and increasing the number of bookings.

3. Channel manager: managing bookings efficiently

Advertising on different online platforms (such as Airbnb,, etc.) is a great way to reach more potential guests. However, managing different platforms can get complicated and double bookings can occur. By using a channel manager, you will be able to centralise the management of bookings across multiple platforms, preventing misunderstandings and ensuring a smooth flow of guests.

4. Smart lock: easy entry for guests

Give your guests a pleasant experience when entering your apartment with a smart lock. This will eliminate the need to physically collect keys, as guests will receive a digital code or be able to unlock the door via their smartphone. You’ll also have control over access, as you’ll be able to limit the validity of the code to the duration of the guest’s stay.

5. Accountant: Keeping your finances in order

Managing the financial aspects of your business is crucial for long-term success. Employing an accountant will allow you to focus on guests and improving service, while a finance expert will take care of bookkeeping, taxes and accounts. This will ensure that your business is financially sound and avoid any potential problems with the financial authorities.


Starting a roommate business can be very exciting, but it also requires thorough preparation and consideration of key aspects of the business. A host business consultant, a professional photographer, a channel manager, a smart lock and an accountant are the five key things you absolutely need to succeed in this competitive and dynamic field. With the right approaches, you’re sure to create an engaging and successful experience for your guests and build a solid foundation for your room service business.