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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Easypin?

The Easypin is intending for property owners and businesses dealing – Airbnb, Booking …, with short term rentals and who do not have time to wait and receive guests for the key transfers. By using the Easypin system can increase the security of possible key duplication by an unauthorized person, which eliminates the requirement for the continuous change of locking devices.

How does it work?

For the Easypin to function, it is not necessary to be connecting to the local Wi-Fi network or internet. A SIM card is installing in a control device that guarantees the exchange of information with the server. The connection is establishing only on-demand otherwise, the device functions independently, and a data connection is not necessary in this case. SIM card is valid for ten years, which eliminates additional costs.
The Keypad installed on the door is connected wireless to the control unit. A guest enters a code into the Keypad which he/she receives via email or text message. If the PIN code is correct, the control device activates the electric door strike or smart electronic lock that opens and closes the door lock. The connection of the control unit and the smart lock is wireless. In a case of multiple doors, the control unit can is possible to extend with an additional module that suffices for the management of four entries. The control device can be extending for up to 4 modules. These other modules are also connected wireless or by wires, if so needed.

How to program the PIN code for a guest?

You first register with the web site as a user of the Easypin system. First, you set up the number of entries to the building, apartment, or a house and allocated each entrance a number. When the owner of the real estate unit receives a reservation, he/she then enters the guest's information, date, and hour of arrival and departure, as well as the number of a room or apartment. The entry code is generated randomly or can set as the last four numbers of the reservation code. The Easypin system then relays this code to the guest via email or text message. At the same time, it establishes a connection with the control unit installed at the owner's premises, through a server. The PIN code was memorizing in the control unit. When the gust arrived, he/she can insert the PIN code and enter the apartment. The PIN code has a time limit and is not valid after the specified date and time so that entry is not possible after its expiration.

We have four separate apartments in a building. How can we use the Easypin system?

The Easypin system allows entry into one to four main entrances of a building that are accessible to all guests. This concern to main entrances, fitness, sauna, dressing room, bike storage, and similar. On those doors, the guest will be able to use the same code as for his/her specified apartment.
To set up the whole house with four apartments, you will need a control unit, extension module, Keypad, and electric or electronic smart locks. It is also possible to connect the control unit with a door entry unit, which enables the guest to call up the host in case he/she is experiencing a problem when entering. The Easypin system also allows the host or owner to open the doors remotely via smartphone.

What is the difference between an electric door strike and a smart lock?

The electric door strike is installing on the door frame. It is necessary to make a wire connection with the control unit. The installation of an electric door strike does not guarantee a high level of security since the door is latched but not locked. The installation of an electric door strike is suitable for doors inside the building, which are accessible after entering the main entrance.
The SLO-OK Smart lock is mounting at the cylinder of the lock on the inside part of the door. Smart lock guarantees the possibility of locking and unlocking the doors which offer a higher level of security. The connection with the control unit is wireless. For its function, the system uses rechargeable batteries, which last 3 to 4 months before additional charging is necessary.

How can the hotel staff use the Easypin system?

The Easypin allows for the usage of common entry points with general codes that employees use for entering the necessary access doors. The general PIN codes might set up with unlimited or limited time use.

Does the Easypin provide a record of executed entries?

The control unit can register and store up to 20,000 entries, which can be sent in an Excel format to your computer via server.

Why does the Easypin use the Keypad and not a mobile phone app?

We chose a PIN entry code because, despite the extensive usage of modern technology like smartphones, some do not use them. The user commonly has to download an application which can represent a problem even at this first step. In the case of the Easypin, the code is merely sending via email. On arrival, guests entering the PIN code via the Keypad, which is installed at the door and enters the apartment.