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EASYKEY electronic lockers for key storage

EASYKEY electronic lockers for key storage

When managing accommodation, we all need to store keys securely and efficiently for our guests. However, not all accommodation providers or property owners want to replace their existing locks with smart locks. There is a solution in such cases – EASYKEY electronic key storage lockers. These lockers are suitable for anyone who wants to provide secure key storage while retaining their existing locks. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of using EASYKEY lockers and how they can improve your business and guest experience.

One story, many benefits

Imagine you’re the host of an Airbnb property. Your property is located in a popular tourist destination, but due to other commitments, you can only sometimes meet each guest in person when they arrive. Nevertheless, you want to provide an easy and secure way to collect the keys. In such cases, EASYKEY electronic lockers are the perfect solution.

Let me tell you my story: one of my favourite experiences was meeting the Johnson family, who came to Slovenia from America. John, Liz and their children decided to spend their holiday in our beautiful apartment, located in the idyllic Logar valley. On the day of their arrival, I had an important meeting in another city which prevented me from being present in person when they arrived. Unfortunately, this was not the first time this situation had arisen. How did I resolve this situation?

This is where the EASYKEY electronic key safe comes into the picture. I had pre-assigned the Johnson family a unique PIN code that allowed access to their key, which was located in a smart locker in a specific location. The code was sent to the guest one day before arrival by SMS via the Bentral booking system that I use to manage the accommodation. I have the EASYKEY locker installed on the wall in our common area.

On the day of arrival, the Johnson family entered the building without any problems using the PIN code I had given them on the phone. John then used the same code to unlock the EASYKEY locker, which was located in the hallway of the building and found the apartment key inside. He was impressed by the convenience and ease of use of the EASYKEY locker. Instead of relying on our presence, guests were able to check in independently and start enjoying their holiday.

PIN code to access the keys in the locker

What was so special about this PIN code? It was temporary, with a fixed start and end date, and it only lasted for the duration of their stay in the apartment. On the day of the Johnson family’s departure, the code was automatically deleted from the system, ensuring the keys remained secure after leaving. This functionality is essential to ensure security and prevent unauthorised access to your apartment.

Think about how many people leave their keys under doormats or flower pots. This is insecure and can pose a risk to burglars. The EASYKEY locker allows you to avoid these dangers. It stores keys systematically and reliably, ensuring they are safe and secure while only allowing access to those with the appropriate PIN code.

The PIN code can also be permanent for certain users, such as your cleaner, maintenance worker, etc.

Benefits of using EASYKEY electronic key storage lockers

    1. High level of security:
      EASYKEY lockers provide a high level of security for key storage. Only guests with a correctly assigned and temporary PIN code have access to the keys, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.
    2. Ease of use:
      The EASYKEY system is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge or skills. Guests can easily and intuitively operate the key storage locker. With a correctly entered PIN code, they can easily access their key, allowing quick and smooth check-in and check-out.
    3. Flexibility:
      EASYKEY lockers allow flexibility according to the booking and needs of the guests. Each PIN code assigned has a time limit and expires on the day of the guest’s departure. This allows for precise access management and ensures that keys are only available for the period that guests are in the accommodation.
    4. Security and reliability:
      EASYKEY allows you to take the worry out of lost keys or unauthorised access. Each guest has their own unique and temporary PIN code, which is assigned only to them. This means that hosts can ensure the security of their keys and focus on other important aspects of managing their accommodation.
    5. Efficiency and time savings:
      EASYKEY lockers allow hosts to be more efficient in their key management. There is no longer a need to meet each guest in person upon arrival and hand over keys. This means that hosts can save time and energy and focus more on other aspects of their business.Taking care of the safety and comfort of their guests is a key concern for any accommodation provider. With EASYKEY key storage lockers, you will ensure a high level of security, ease of use, flexibility and reliability. At the same time, the system also allows you to be more efficient and save time when managing your keys.Don’t take the risk of leaving keys under doormats or flower pots. Choose EASYKEY electronic key storage lockers and provide a safe and secure solution for access to your accommodation. Equip your accommodation with a system trusted by many hosts.