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// About EASYPIN

The host does not need to wait

for the arrival of the guests.

is a system solution for managing guests arrivals using electronic keys and smart locks without the presence of a host – a “Self-Check In solution." It is suited for small hotels, hostels, short-term rentals, and rentals on Airbnb and Booking systems of apartments and condominiums and larger rental units (houses, townhomes, etc.) This system saves time to the real estate owner and, at the same time, offers a carefree stay to your guests.

The guest may arrive at any time of the day and enter the premises with a digital key without the physical presence of the apartment/house owner or host.

The guest can arrive at any time of day and enters the premises with a digital key without the presence of the apartment/house owner or host.

Save time and money

with the smooth transfer of smart lock key

When the host receives reservation confirmation, they program the date of arrival and departure, room, or apartment number in the Easypin system using one click to transfer the PIN and/or QR code to the arriving guest via email or SMS access the rental unit. At the same time, the PIN code is saved in the control device installed at the rental location. The PIN code facilitating the entry into the unit is only valid for the specific time of the reservation.

The Easpin system can work together also with different PMS programs which property owners might already have, and it is open for new integrations.

Easy and comfortable

setting of the system

The device installed at the premises allows for the smooth functioning of the system via a wireless network. Additional installation may need when extended units are required to control more doors. In this case, the primary control and extended modules must be connected to the main voltage. The battery backup can be added as well in case of main power is down.

A modular system extension

The Easypin system is suitable for a single room or multiple room location. In the case of multiple entries to the building, the system extends with extension modules. The Easypin is ideal for areas that comprise up to three common entrances and a maximum of 16 individual inside doors or standalone units.

Of course, it is possible to provide more same sub-systems for facilities with more rooms and common entrances.

The usage of entry PIN code

With an entry PIN or/and QR code, the guest can easily access the rental area even when his/her telephone has been discharged, lost, forgotten, or not used at all. For the PIN code verification is no need for an internet connection. The owner, if necessary, can also open the door on demand by calling the Easypin system and unlocking the door for the guest remotely.

If the QR code readers are instead the keypads in use, the guests show the QR code they get by SMS or email, and the system will unlock the door.

Type of Electric lock

It is also possible to connect Easypin to a classic door strike. However, a door is not locked but latched only in such a case. The door strike is therefore suitable for inside doors only.
The door to be locked can be achieved by installing Utopic-OK smart lock, which is mounting on the existing euro-cylinder. The smart lock is connecting with the Easypin system via the radio link. The Utopic-OK smart-lock function takes power by rechargeable batteries charged via a USB micro port (similar to smartphones).

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of the Easypin system results from our expertise, and its upgrading is continuously ongoing. Its design is based on a manner that offers remote control of the system's function and continuous upgrade of its software. The built-in system functions independently, and it is connected to the server only on demand, for example, when the owner/manager changes the PIN code.

There is no need for WiFi or LAN,

you can use Mobile only

The Easypin system does not need local Wi-Fi or LAN connection to communicate with the server. The SIM card is a part of the system, and for the EU+EEA region, we can provide it with the device with a validity of 10 years without a monthly SIM fee! Our access control units support 2G/3G and 4G mobile networks.


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